Born and raised in Israel until the age of 6, Avivit was quickly exposed to a large spectrum of music genres since childhood when her family moved to Europe. As a child, she quickly developed a love for the arts, ballet, piano, and singing.

"Music was and will continue to be my therapy, in my own words, through my own melodies.  It's the best way I know how to express myself, without being misunderstood."

With a tender, warm vocal and indie melodies on piano and guitar, her music lures the listener into her inner world,  elegantly hinting at mankind's fragility and pure nature which affects us all. 



A past graduate of  Muzik - School of Creation and Production, Tel Aviv, one of Avivit's first songs written in Hebrew, "Afilu" (Even Though) took part in the 2010 "Muzik" Singles Competition. Together with 9 other original songs, the competition took place on September 1st, 2010 in Tel Aviv's infamous Hall, Tzavta.


Avivit is currently working on her debut EP which she hopes will reach large and diverse audiences all over the world.



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